Third-Round Remarks from Harry Hall 62-66-72–200 (-10)


Q. Harry, after round 3, you're tied for the lead. How proud are you of that round after the back-to-back doubles on the front nine and making a couple good putts coming in?

HARRY HALL: Yeah, to be T1 after today is pretty cool, especially after that front nine. It goes to show how hard the course is, and I did a good job battling it back and getting those two birdies on that back nine. To be in the final group again tomorrow is really cool.

Q. You talked yesterday about being really calm and just breathing. Did those thoughts come back to you when you made those two double bogeys in a row? What was that experience like?

HARRY HALL: I had those thoughts even before I went out, just shortness of breath and just trying to breathe and chill out. I think tomorrow hopefully I can hit it a little bit better and get on the green a little bit quicker. Then hopefully I can have a good chance of winning.

Q. Are these greens as firm as you've seen anywhere else on TOUR of late?

HARRY HALL: I'll tell you what, the biggest difference between the Korn Ferry Tour and the PGA TOUR is the firmness of the greens. So it's no surprise that the rough's long and the greens are fast. I've kind of made my game a little more adaptable with using a bit of a spinnier ball and spinning it coming into the greens a little bit more than I used to on the Korn Ferry.

It's not a surprise to see the greens this firm. With the course being the way it is, pretty short but tight and the greens are fast, it's a pretty cool -- it's in great condition.

Q. Harry, are you adjusting your carry distances into the greens any given the firmness of the greens?

HARRY HALL: Just not carry distances, but the run-out, right? Instead of it running out five yards, it's running out ten with a 9-iron. You have to adjust your landing spots, but your carry numbers are the same.

Q. One more question. I wonder, after your front nine, the way you were able to come back on the back nine, what did that tell you about your ability to make it happen out here?

HARRY HALL: I'm never going to stop fighting. I'm always going to keep trying. Like I said yesterday, this game brings you new challenges every day, and I'm equipped to deal with them. And I think I showed that today, and I kept a lot of patience, and I kept to my game plan.

It helps, after two double bogeys, I was still in the tournament. It left me with some hope. I managed to bring it back a little bit.

Q. Were you watching leaderboards?


Q. People reading this transcript can't see that you're wearing the Golden Knights hockey jersey. Just talk about that and your fanship of that team and what you'll be doing tomorrow obviously.

HARRY HALL: I play a lot of golf with them, Zach Whitecloud, Chandler Stephenson. I won this jersey at the charity day that they had. It was a little bit unfair because they had me in a scramble that didn't have any handicap, so we ended up winning.

Hopefully they can bring it through tonight. I'm in Dallas. I was going to wear it on the golf course on 13, that was the plan, but being 3-over going into the hole, I didn't think that would be the best thing to do.

Yeah, I'm T1 after the round, so I thought I'd wear it in the interviews.

Q. Do you have a prediction for the game tonight?

HARRY HALL: No prediction. Just hopefully the boys can play their best hockey and get it done.

Q. And just aside from watching the game, how will you prepare getting ready for tomorrow, and how do you think you'll come out here with what sort of mindset ready to go?

HARRY HALL: Same sort of mindset. I'm ready. Just get on the green and make some putts.

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