Second-Round Remarks from Robby Shelton 66-67–133 (-7)


Q. Robby, bogey-free today, nice round, if we can get some comments.

ROBBY SHELTON: Bogey-free the past two days. It's been good. I'm hitting fairways, hitting greens. When I do get out of position, I get back in position and end up making the putt.

But I'm putting good, hitting it good. Everything's been pretty solid for two days.

Q. How excited are you now for the weekend?

ROBBY SHELTON: It's going to be fun. I haven't been in this position in a while. Just being up there near the top is fun, always fun. Yeah, I'm just looking forward to it. Just got to play my game.

Q. You just mentioned a little bit about it, but just talk a little bit about your season up to this point if you can.

ROBBY SHELTON: I've been pretty consistent, I guess. I've made a lot of cuts, a bunch of top 25s, just nothing -- I think I had one tie for sixth in Palm Springs.

Besides that, it's been just -- it's been okay. It hasn't been great. We still have a lot of tournaments to play, so we'll see.

Q. No bogeys, as you mentioned, through 36. What's suiting your eye so well here at Colonial this week?

ROBBY SHELTON: Courses like this just fit my eye. I feel like I tend to hit it straight. It kind of narrows my focus in a little bit. And the greens are firm. I like it when it's firm.

The scores aren't going to go crazy low, so that's always good. I know, if I just keep it in play, I'm pretty solid.

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