Second-Round Remarks from Harris English 65-66–131 (-9)


Q. Harris, like you talked about, the wind is picking up a little bit. How good does it feel to post a round and be out and be done right now?

HARRIS ENGLISH: It feels good. Definitely in the morning the greens are a little softer, and you control your ball a little more.

Any time it gets 10 to 15 miles an hour out here and the wind's swirling, it's tough. You've got some small targets out here. You've got some narrow fairways. It's definitely going to be a little trickier this afternoon.

Glad to be in the clubhouse at 9-under. Still got a lot of golf to play. It will be nice to put my feet up and get some rest this afternoon.

Q. Obviously you got No. 8 figured out, the birdie yesterday and hole-in-one today.

HARRIS ENGLISH: I told my caddie I don't think anyone's beating us through the first two days on No. 8. Just a really good number today. Just one of those shots where I had to hit a 9-iron really full, and it came off just like I wanted to and luckily went in the hole.

Q. Obviously that stands out on the card. A couple other birdies, but a pretty steady round. Just talk about what felt and what was going.

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, very steady today. Hit a lot of fairways, hit a lot of greens. When I did get in trouble off the tee or around the green, I got up and down. Made a really nice par on No. 9.

Some of those hole locations, it's tough to get close to. I had a lot of seemed like 15 or 20-footers and didn't make much. Had a really good chance on 18 and hit a really good putt and it didn't go in.

But as long as I keep that ball striking going and keep giving myself chances, then some good things will happen this weekend.

Q. How do you feel about where your season is? Are starts like this kind of what you hope to be doing?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I played good a couple weeks ago at the Wells Fargo in Charlotte, big time event this year on TOUR, elevated a lot of good players there. I can't remember how many bogey-free rounds I had, but I had a couple out there.

Yeah, I just feel like my game's trending in the right direction. I like golf courses like this where par is a good score. With the greens firming up, it's getting pretty tough to control your ball, and I like it when it gets tough.

Excited for the weekend, and we'll see where it shakes out this afternoon.

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