First-Round Remarks from Scottie Scheffler (-3) 67

Q. 3-under 67. Scottie, a comment on your first round.

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: I don't know how to describe my round today. I felt like I could have shot really low, and I feel like I could have went in the opposite direction too really fast. I really don't know.

I posted 3-under, which is really nice. Anything in the red around Colonial is typically a pretty good score.

Conditions are a little bit different than they usually are. The greens seemed to be a touch firmer than they normally are. Like that pin on 9 is usually one where it's almost hard to keep it back there just because they're so soft just with the spin. I landed a ball pretty close to the pin, and it ended up going over the green.

So a few different challenges, but overall a nice 3-under score today.

Q. One of your four birdies came at No. 5. You mentioned that you got a break there. Just take us through that hole if you can.

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: I hit a bad tee shot. It's a hole where I typically hit like a slice driver, but with it being downwind, there's not really much fairway for me to hit driver into.

So I tried to cut a 3-wood and started out a little bit to the right. It was a ball I felt was going to go into the hazard. Next thing I know, I saw the ball bounce out, and I actually had a shot from the middle of the fairway.

Massive break there. I ended up being able to take advantage of it and make birdie. It was definitely a shot or two swing, I would say, throughout the round.

Q. You had a nice putt that fell for birdie at No. 8.

Could you walk us through that putt and what you saw going into that.

SCOTTIE SCHEFFLER: It was a right to left, maybe 20, 25 footer. I was kind of putting over a mound, and just kind of from that length, you're just trying to have good speed and get the ball up around the hole, and sometimes they go in.

That was one where I had a pretty good read on it and then good speed, so the ball was kind of trickling up there. It's nice when you see one of those longer ones fall for the day.

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