Final-Round Remarks from Harry Hall 62-66-72-73--273 (-7)


Q. Harry, what's going through your mind right now?

HARRY HALL: Just going home tonight, flying Southwest, get to the airport, go home for a week, and chill out.

Q. What was the difference today?

HARRY HALL: I missed a couple from four feet on the front nine, misreads, I think. I don't think I'm pulling. I'd like to look at the footage and see that.

With the greens being so fast, both of them are pretty much -- one was dead center I was trying to hit it, and the other one was left center. We'll see where I hit them tonight when I'm looking at the footage. Hopefully it will show it.

I learned a lot. I learned a lot, and you don't have to play great golf to win on a hard golf course coming down the stretch. You've just got to hit it in the middle of the green and not do anything stupid.

I did a few things stupid today. I hit that one right on 15, and that was a bogey with a 9-iron. Then a couple of those putts in the last. I don't even know what happened on the last. That shouldn't be in play really. Probably a really firm bounce or some adrenaline. Even then, I didn't think that was in play, that hazard.

Q. I was going to say, when you got to the water and saw that the ball had gone -- or heard that the ball had gone in, I know you were in that sort of general area off the tee all three days, how surprised were you when you got there and realized it was in the water?

HARRY HALL: I had an inkling because I knew the guys were putting out on the green, but the crowds had a big shock, and I think it was my ball going into the water. So I thought that halfway to it. Yeah, it went in the water.

Q. What sort of encouragement do you take from this week?

HARRY HALL: I just looked, I've got 162 points in the FedExCup after this week. If you'd given that to me at the start of the week, I would have taken it. Hopefully I can -- my goal this year is to be top four in the FedExCup, so this week helped me get there.

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