5-30 Final-Round Remarks from Jordan Spieth (-12)

Q. Another one at Colonial that didn't work out for you. What are your takeaways?

JORDAN SPIETH: I didn't play well at all quite simply. I could have shot even par today and won the golf tournament but from the very get-go, just a really bad start, and then tried to fight my way through it. But I was just really off with my golf swing. I really lost it this weekend. You just have to be in control around Colonial.

Q. Talk about 18. What club did you hit in there and were you trying to take a more aggressive line?

JORDAN SPIETH: No. I was playing a flyer. I just didn't leave the face open enough. I was trying to, it was going to jump so I needed to land in a pretty small section of the green to have a chance, and I just didn't hold the face enough and it just closed over and obviously when it's going to jump, it's going to fly forever.

There's only one shot to hit there, whether I'm up five or down five or tied and it's a hard one. That's why they cut fairways, it's a lot easier to play out of there.

Q. What are you more confident in now looking back on the week?

JORDAN SPIETH: I putted really well this week. I made a couple really nice par saves on putts that had to start outside the hole in ranges where I just kind of have been struggling to hit really solid putts and I thought that was a big move.

And then I've been striking the ball beautifully this year and I just have to hit the reset button tomorrow and get to work the next couple days and not let this weekend throw me away, and look at the positives of the ball-striking and look at the positives of the putting.

Q. Was it any different separating from the field?

JORDAN SPIETH: It's normally easier, any time it's happened with me I normally thrive in that separation, but I was taking the club back and had no freaking clue where it was going to go. It's very rare that you're in the lead or close to the lead on a Sunday when that's the case, and it's not the most enjoyable feeling, but I've never been shy on grit, and really belief, in knowing that anything can happen. It was with me till the end until the shot came off left on 18.

So just really just didn't play well. That's all it was. I played a bad round of golf.

Q. So much support out there for you. What's it like playing under that pressure of really wanting to win one for the home crowd?

JORDAN SPIETH: I don't, I'm playing for myself, that's it. You know, the support is fantastic but I don't -- I don't feel extra pressure over here. I kind of feel it more at the Byron. I don't know, just something about coming to a different city. The support is just as good. I mean, it's incredible. But yeah, I had no excuses there. I just played poorly.

Q. You played the last 36 with Jason. What impresses you about his game?

JORDAN SPIETH: Well, since he's standing right over there, I will say -- no, he plays confidently. Some people get towards the lead and you watch them kind of back off and he seemed to be aggressive toward the ball. Drove the ball incredibly around this place and he's always been somebody that when he's toward the lead, he's going to step on the gas more than tap the brakes and that's what he did.

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