5-29 Third-Round Remarks from Ian Poulter (-8)

Q. You have a tournament career low one under for to have had. You're no stranger to Colonial?

IAN POULTER: Tournament, career low one under at Colonial. I didn't know that. I've always liked this venue. I've always liked the golf course. It sets up with only two par 5s, two par 5s that I can reach, it sets up -- 11 is kind of within reach if it's downwind, but good putting surface. Tricky tee shots on a number of holes and a course where I feel quite comfortable. I like the putting surface. I've done a pretty good job so far.

Disappointed last night, three bogeys on the last kind of six holes to kind of throw a few back at the leaderboard, but done a good job to kind of run back up there today.

Q. What was the turnaround from yesterday's round with only one hiccup of the day on the scorecard with one bogey?

IAN POULTER: I mean, last night there was not a lot of time to think about it to be honest. It was late. It was past 8:00 by the time we got off the course. Quick to bed so there wasn't a lot of time to dwell on three silly mistakes, but coming out aggressive today was key. I mean, a blemish from the middle of the fairway today was a little disappointing, but it's all good. I'm in position and I need to continue to press on tomorrow.

Q. What was it like out there following the rain from yesterday?

IAN POULTER: It's soft. It's been soft all week, so you can be aggressive to a lot of these pin locations, the two par 5s, which you really want to try and take care of, and then you've got a reasonable spell around 4, 5, 6 that gets your attention. If you get through that, then the golf course opens up and pretty much you should be taking care of a few of these par 4 opportunities and I did a pretty good job of that today. Made plenty of birdies. One good bogey in the end from the middle of the fairway, which was just a complete mind error in the middle of the fairway but apart from that, it was actually a clean round of golf.

Q. You put on Instagram last night that you were looking forward to being aggressive over the weekend. How much does how the course is playing fit in with your style of golf?

IAN POULTER: I dropped three shots on the last six holes last night. I know we had a bit of a rain delay and that was frustrating. I feel I'm playing really good. I'm hitting my lines. I feel like I'm rolling the ball really well on the greens. So to drop three last night from being Top 15 is really frustrating.

So I wanted to come out fast today. I wanted to make a few birdies. Continue to put some pressure on the course and see how low one under we can go. 6-under is a pretty good round. Left a couple out there, but you know, if we can go again pretty hard tomorrow, stay aggressive and see if we can run up the board again.

Q. Your mindset for tomorrow, still going to stay aggressive and attacking on the golf course?

IAN POULTER: The golf course isn't going to dry out too much today. So I would expect quite a few birdies from the guys in front, and it's going to put me quite a few behind. So I have to have a run tomorrow. I need to go clean through the 5s, and just see if we can get close.

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