05-25-2016 Third-Round Remarks from Tony Finau (-7)

Third-Round Remarks from Tony Finau 64-68-71—203 (-7)

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Q. Second straight day you kind of had a stretch of consecutive pars. How would you compare today's to yesterday's, and is that --
TONY FINAU: I had a really similar feeling to yesterday, but I felt like pars were a good score out there. It was just enough wind. The greens started to get a little bumpy at the end, just because of how soft they are. Being in one of the last groups, you're always going to have to deal with that. I grinded my teeth all day. It would have been nice to have that par save on the last. I hit a nice shot in there to give myself a chance, but I feel like I did what I needed to do today just to give myself a good chance to win tomorrow.

Q. Last year Justin shot 64. Do you think it's going to take like a mid-60s round given the bunched-up leaderboard?
TONY FINAU: Yeah, probably. There's seven, eight guys within I think three or four shots. You've got to figure somebody is going to shoot 63 or 64 there that's three or four back. I do think it's going to take something in the 60s. We'll aim for that tomorrow and see what happens.

Q. What would it mean to kind of get that next win?
TONY FINAU: Oh, it would be huge for me. You know, I'm at a point in my career I don't feel like I need any kind of validation. I've played some good golf at some big events, but you know, I am looking forward to tomorrow and just the rest of the season to try and get another one under my belt.

Q. Do you feel like you've been pressing in any way, or do you feel like it's kind of been a natural progression?
TONY FINAU: Yeah, I think there's always something to be learned when you're playing in the final groups on Sunday. I've played in my fair share, and haven't come out on top the last few times, but hopefully we'll change that tomorrow.

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