Fore Score

Michael Hotelling and Chris Vaughn up on their perch at the leaderboard between No. 9 and 10

One of the many nods to tradition at the Charles Schwab Challenge are the manually updated leaderboards situated around the course. And not just any man can operate them.

Michael Hotelling of River Oaks has been keeping the scores at Colonial for 26 years. His brother, Tommy, has been coming in from New Jersey for 16 years to volunteer with him, and on Friday the twosome were operating the leaderboard between the 9th and 10th holes.

Chris Vaughn, Michael Hotelling, and Tommy Hotelling are operating the leaderboard between No. 9 and 10
This year, the brothers are breaking in a rookie.

Chris Vaughn of Waco looks like he’s been doing this for years – and not just because his silver ZZ Top beard matches Michael’s. Chris effortlessly climbs the steep green steps, paces back and forth on the raised walkway, and when the birdies, bogies, and others are radioed into Michael’s earpiece, he shuffles the numbered tiles quickly and posts the new info for fans, caddies, and any players who may be practicing their bunker play nearby.

“He’s a natural at this,” said Michael of his protege. “He’s doing great!”

But Chris, being a rookie, has set the bar a little lower for himself: “I haven’t fallen off the platform yet," he joked, "but it’s only Friday!”