6-11 First-Round Remarks from Brian Harmon (-5)

First-Round Remarks from Brian Harmon (-5)

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Q. What was it like, Brian?
BRIAN HARMAN: It was interesting. Nice to get out of the house.
Q. What was interesting about it?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, it just feels odd because people are going through a lot with this pandemic, and it's just interesting being out here. You know, it's a little odd.
Q. No spectators. Can you give us a good example of the weirdness and when you first really noticed it?
BRIAN HARMAN: You know, we teed off first this morning, so we really didn't notice it first off, but there's been several times over the last few years where we had big storms and couldn't have spectators out. I mean, I've played plenty on the mini-Tours so I'm used to the no-spectator thing, but we miss the fans, and hopefully we can get them back.
Q. Was anything different in terms of the way you normally carry on in a round?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, the only comment I made to Bill is like you can hear people hitting tee shots around the course. I had to back off a couple putts because someone hit a tee shot. I was like, I don't remember being able to hear that here. There's usually a wall of people in between here and there so you don't hear that kind of stuff. The sound travels a lot worse. It's odd to see the place with no fans. It's definitely different.
Q. With the social distancing, usually it's pretty easy in any circumstances, but the idea of flagsticks, bunker rakes, is that a hard one to follow?
BRIAN HARMAN: You know, everybody is doing their best. We're not perfect. I saw we got a little heat yesterday about -- I disagree, I think most people are trying their best. We kind of fall back into some of our old habits. I think everyone is aware of it. There's going to be some inherent risk. We're playing a sport. We had to get on airplanes to get here. We're taking a risk. That's just part of it.
Q. Did you test yourself before coming out?
BRIAN HARMAN: No, I tested -- I did the at-home test, and then I tested Monday. Negative on both.
Q. Can you talk about starting and finishing your first competitive round in a while?
BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, I was definitely nervous to start. Seems like forever ago when we finished Thursday of THE PLAYERS, and I got off to a bad start, bad drive, tried to chip out, didn't work, hit a bad wedge shot and made a really nice putt for par, which kind of settled me down and kind of got back into it. I played really nice the rest of the day and had a nice putt on 18. I thought I struck the ball well. I had a new set of irons that I was working in, and I felt like I had a bunch of chances.
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