5-30 Final-Round Remarks from Charley Hoffman (-10)

Q. What was really clicking this week?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know what, I had days where I putted good and there's days where I didn't putt good. The days the putts went in, I shot a decent amount under par.

Yesterday putter never got going and today made a few early which got the round going but iron play was good pretty much all week, and gave myself a lot of opportunities for birdie and I was able to capitalize on a majority of them.

Q. No stranger to Colonial, posed some problems earlier with rain, but what did the course look like as it was starting to dry out, made it easier throughout week?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It played out, Thursday morning it started to firm up, then softened up with the rain, and then yesterday afternoon it firmed up again. Today it was playing nice. If you hit the ball in the fairway and hit good iron shots -- but with the ball was stopping in the rough, you didn't have much of a chance.

Q. What's coming up next for you?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: There's only one goal; I'm playing Muirfield next week but hopefully this week was enough to get me inside the U.S. Open. Sitting just outside the World Ranking, near my hometown where I group playing Torrey Pines, I'm obviously trying to win golf events but getting in that U.S. Open is a key.

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