5-28 Second-Round Remarks from Charley Hoffman (-7)

Q. Talk about the round, good finish?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, fairly slow start, made a nice birdie on 2. Bogeyed 3 and made a nice save on 5. But yeah, I was able to hit some greens in the middle of the round and make some birdies, longer putts on 6 and 7, which is nice, sort of get the round going.

And then hit it close on 9 and made a birdie there, and from there I hit a bunch of greens and fairly close and was able to capitalize on all those putts, which was nice, and not tap-ins; 12 to 15 feet, and was able to make those. It's always fun when those are going in.

Q. Difference between yesterday and today for you playing-wise? Was it something better game-wise or conditions?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It wasn't blowing 15 to 18 today. So actually I played all right yesterday. Made a horrible 7 on the second hole, probably the easiest hole out here. Just sort of mind lapse, but if you take that 7 away and make a par there, that's a 2-under round that really, in the thick of things yesterday.

So I played all right yesterday and obviously today was nice to make a few putts and get a low one under round in.

Q. Feel good going into the weekend and good to be done before the weather comes in?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, the golf course was actually getting somewhat firm out there after the rain this week. But you know, it softened up. You'll see some more low one under scores out there today but obviously nice to be done headed into the weekend and hopefully it holds off for everybody.

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