5-27 First-Round Remarks from Patton Kizzire (-3)

Q. Let's talk about the round today. I know a little softer conditions, a little wind. How would you assess it out there?

PATTON KIZZIRE: Yeah, the softer conditions makes it a little bit easier to hit the fairway and a little bit easier to hit the green. But that wind is tough. It's pretty strong, and it's dancing around a little bit. You have to be aware of where it's supposed to be and where it is and kind of figure out what you want to play and commit to it.

I did a good job of that today a few times and a poor job others, and I know other guys are dealing with the same thing.

Q. Do you consider yourself a good wind player?

PATTON KIZZIRE: I think so, yeah. I live in Sea Island, Georgia, and it's nothing but wind there. I get a lot of practice, and it's nice to -- when it's calm, I feel like it's easier, but when it's windier, it just feels normal.

Q. Do you have a second home in Texas because Valero top 10, Byron Nelson top 10, playing well now. What is it about Texas do you think?

PATTON KIZZIRE: I don't know. Everything is bigger in Texas. My game has performed a little bit better here. I enjoy coming to Texas, and I've been thankful for those good finishes, and I'm glad to be back.

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