05-27 First-Round Remarks from Phil Mickelson (+3)

Q. Obviously you had said you wanted to come here and build off the momentum. I know this isn't quite the day you wanted. Talk about today and how difficult it was.

PHIL MICKELSON: Yeah, I didn't play well. I shot 3-over. But I won the PGA, so...

Q. Obviously the conditions out there, just talk about how that played into it.

PHIL MICKELSON: Very fair, very playable golf course with the wind because the greens are receptive. I thought it was a day that you could score low. I mean, obviously Jordan played phenomenal golf and shot 7-under, but I mean score like shoot 3-, 4-, 5-under with I didn't think too much difficulty but not the way I played. I missed fairways with irons. You can't play this course out of the rough because then you have tree trouble, which I had repeatedly, and I didn't putt well. But I won the PGA, so I'll see if I can get it turned around for tomorrow and get a little better focus, a little better energy. I was a little bit -- I don't know if it was antsy or what, but it just wasn't the same kind of calm, and kind of a lot went on the last couple of days in a good way, and I'll have some time tonight, tomorrow to get settled in and hopefully I'll come back and play a good round. I know even though I didn't play well today, my game is not far off. I've been playing well.

Q. We spoke a lot about your focus last week. How tough was it after that win? I'm assuming that drained a lot of your energy in a positive way, but how tough was that to get that focus again today?

PHIL MICKELSON: So it was almost like I was trying a little too hard, and I wasn't just calm and let it happen, and I was a little bit antsy. What would be the word? Unsettled would be the word. Like I just couldn't quite get calmed down in that same frame of mind. Like I said, I'll have more time tonight and tomorrow, get back in it, because my game has been really good.

This golf course is perfectly suited for the way I play. I don't have to hit drivers on every hole. I can hit that little low 2-wood. But you have to hit fairways here, and I hit a lot of poor tee shots, which made it a struggle. And then I putted awful. Until the putt on the last two holes, I putted -- I wasn't starting them on line.

I'll work on it. I'm still optimistic I'll have a good round tomorrow, but unfortunately I kind of shot myself in the foot the first day, but you never know.

Q. Given this is your last stop before Torrey Pines, is there anything that you're specifically targeting or looking at in your game ahead of Torrey?

PHIL MICKELSON: No, I just want to build on my focus, energy, calm state of mind.

Q. Almost every hole fans are saying congratulations, way to go --

PHIL MICKELSON: Awesome, really cool.

Q. How does that feel to hear that almost every hole from people?

PHIL MICKELSON: It feels incredible because it's been a long time since somebody has congratulated me for my play. It dealt great, and to -- that's a moment, that's a week, that's a tournament, that's a win that I'll cherish forever, so there's -- I enjoy when people say that.

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