05-27 First-Round Remarks from Jason Kokrak (-5)

Q. Jason, 5-under par 65, a good round of golf. If we can get some comments on your day.

JASON KOKRAK: Drove the ball very nicely. Switched drivers to an older setup that I won with last year sometime. You know, drove it very nicely, kept it in front of me. A couple of miscues on a couple par-3s but some nice par saves. But putted very nicely, made some nice four- and five-footers to save some pars and very pleased with how I played in the gusty winds. I got used to it after last week.

Q. The conditions got pretty gusty out there. Talk a little bit about that.

JASON KOKRAK: Compared to last week it was kind of -- it wasn't very gusty, but it was -- it definitely affected your ball on some shots. I controlled my ball nicely, putt it in some spots where you just can't on the par-3s. One really nice up-and-down and I miscued on the other one, but one bogey for the round is pretty solid around this place. Thankfully a little bit of rain the greens are a little softer than they normally are, so they're a little more receptive if you did miss a fairway.

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