05-27 First-Round Interview with Adam Hadwin (-4)

Q. 4-under par, excellent start. If we can get some comments on your round.

ADAM HADWIN: It was a really good solid round overall. I think it was 15 greens, which is definitely above my average recently, but you did a lot of good things today. I kept the ball in play, hit it to the proper side of the hole. This course can be a little tricky I think sometimes especially with the breeze being up. You think you can be a little bit more aggressive sometimes than you really should be and I did a good job of staying patient, just giving myself chances and rolled a few in today.

Q. Speaking of this golf course, it's received so much rain over the last week or so. How were the conditions out there today?

ADAM HADWIN: I thought they were very good. Certainly compared to my twilight round on Tuesday night, it has firmed up quite a bit. They've been able to get mowers out there, I think, too, so fairways are cut down again. I think they've got the greens rolling really well at this point. You know, it place always provides a good test of golf. They always keep it in great shape, and we don't expect anything different from them.

Q. What can a start like this do for you after a couple rough weeks?

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, it was great. I felt a good one coming for a while. I feel like I've been playing some good golf. Last week in the PGA I had moments of -- not even moments. I played well that second round to make the cut and then I was playing really well the final round, as well. Just kind of finished poorly.

I think more than anything today was big for me to keep hitting some good shots coming in. 17 I hit a great 9-iron and 18 I hit a great wedge. That was probably key for me just to kind of not let up and keep hitting some good shots.

Q. Is it now just a matter of time of keep it going and putting some consistent rounds together?

ADAM HADWIN: Definitely. I know it's been there for a while. Been working my butt off on a few things, and yeah, just a matter of, like I said, I made a couple good par saves on 14 and 15 which I haven't been doing either, so that's really key, as well. It allows me to not get down on myself maybe a little bit more as maybe previously I had been. Yeah, steady Eddie all day, kept it in play. Like I said, made a few.

Q. The chip-in at 16 probably the best shot of the day?

ADAM HADWIN: Certainly green-side shot of the day, yeah. I kind of stole one there, but I hit a good shot.

Q. The bogey on 12, talk about that.

ADAM HADWIN: I just hit a bad approach shot. We probably were just trying to get too much out of a 7-iron into the breeze. Bad shot, left myself in a bad spot, and again, I did the right thing and got it on the green, gave myself a chance, and easy 5. Whenever golf is least stressful as possible, it's the best.

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