05-26-2019 Final-Round Remarks from Tony Finau (-9)

Final-Round Remarks from Tony Finau 64-68-71-68—271 (-9)

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Q. I thought you played really well today. When you made the birdie at 9 and got close, within two, I thought, Okay, here comes the big run on the back nine. You had some looks, just couldn't get anything to fall.
TONY FINAU: Yeah, no doubt. I drove it good enough to score, and, man, it's just how it goes sometimes. Unfortunately it happened to me on a Sunday where I hit some nice putts and just made a couple bad reads. Some of the putts got away from me.

But a solid week. I made some strides in my golf swing and some strides in my putting. I feel like I changed it up with -- I took some weight off my putter and it seemed to help.

Outside of that, I used claw this week, so I think I made some strides if my game.

Q. Did you look at the scoreboard a lot today?
TONY FINAU: When I got to the back I did. After I birdied 9 I didn't know exactly where I was. Once I got to the back I knew some things could happen. He wasn't letting up, so I knew I was going to have to make three or four birdies coming in.

I gave myself the looks to do it; just wasn't able to make it happen.

Q. You said at the start of the year you wanted to make the Presidents Cup team. You were ninth coming in; you'll increase your numbers. 300 FedExCup points. Moves you to 15th in the standings. Good week.
TONY FINAU: Yeah, solid week. I needed it. We're in the final quarter of the season, and I need to get some good finishes.

Just at a point in my career where I'm ready for the next win. I strongly feel that way. This is a huge stride for me. Outside of Augusta I haven't played great golf this year, for me up to my standards.

This is a huge step forward. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come the rest of the season.

Q. When you started the week changing to the claw, you made some other putter adjustments, how do you assess the entire week from a putting standpoint? Must be pretty pleased.
TONY FINAU: Yeah, really happy. Felt great out there with the putter in my hand. You never known when you make a switch. Thursday, Friday, Saturday felt great, and you never know with your nerves on a Sunday how they're going to hold up.

I felt great with the claw and made some putts early. Unfortunately wasn't able to make too many late, but I was happy with the progress I made this week in my putting.

Q. What exactly did you do with the putter itself?
TONY FINAU: So I changed the grip. Not just my -- the way I grip it, the grip of the putter. So I changed the grip. A little bit smaller and not as much weight. I went from 36 inches to 35 inches, and then I took more weight out of the head as well.

Overall weight and the swing weight was a lot less and allows me to stroke the putter more and not be so hesitant because it's so heavy.

Some great adjustments I made this week.

Q. On the looks on the back nine, how would you categorize the misses on the back nine?
TONY FINAU: I hit a great putt on 12; didn't break. Then 13 I left it in the heart two feet short.

14 I felt like the wind was a factor there so I played less break and it did break.

Hit a good shot on 15 after a great tee ball. One-hopped into the back bunkers.

Then honestly on 16 I got a little bit stiff; skanked it. Happy that it got over the water.

But overall, looks like Kevin is playing some great golf. Well-deserved win this week. Solid week for me moving forward.

Q. Golfers are motivated by different things. How much are you motivated by the fact to get a win and be known as the guy at the Masters that almost broke his ankle?
TONY FINAU: Yeah, I have dreams and goals for myself and expectations for myself. I feel like I can win many times on the PGA Tour. I'm at a point in my career where I'm just chasing the next one.

When that times comes, I know it's not a question of if, be just when. I gave myself a chance this week and hopefully that's a sign of things to come the rest of the season.

Q. (Regarding holding his ankle at Augusta.)
TONY FINAU: Yeah, that would be nice.

Q. Kevin didn't run away with this thing. You said you had some chances. You feel like you played pretty well. (Indiscernible) (regarding building momentum down the stretch.)
TONY FINAU: Yeah, I wanted to make something. I was in the middle of the fairway, middle of the fairway on 12; great shot I hit on 13; 14, with all these looks there I feel like I should have made at least one. I feel like I would've got at the time I think within one.

Maybe would've applied a little bit more pressure. But I hit some great golf shots coming down the stretch. As we all know, sometimes it comes down to the putter, and didn't go my way this back nine.

But Kevin is playing some great golf out there. He's making it look pretty easy. Every time I look up seems like he's making a birdie.

Q. How much have you played with him since you got on tour? Much?
TONY FINAU: Yeah. I mean, I played with him quite a few times. Yeah, maybe seven or eight times. Played together quite often.

Q. He's got such a solid game.

Q. This will be his third win. He's got such a good game. (Indiscernible.)
TONY FINAU: Yeah, surprised? No. As somebody knows how tough it is out here, it's probably me. A lot of close ones.

Still haven't got my second one. It's tough to win out here. This will be his third one and he's been out here for 13, 14 seasons now. Been out here since he was a teenager.

You know, just tells you how good guys are that do win multiple times in a season. Just shows you how hard it is to get the job done on the PGA Tour.

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