05-25-2019 Third-Round Remarks from Mackenzie Hughes (-7)

Mackenzie Hughes 68-70-65—203 (-7)

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Q. So 5-under today. What went well for you out there?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: Yeah, I was just really, really patient. Conditions were tough, and just the way it was blustery and windy here you just got to take your chances when you can take them.

And then there are holes where you really got to play defensively, and I did a good job of that. Did a good job too of putting the ball in the fairway a fair bit, which, again, is crucial around here because the rough is so tricky and you get so many fliers.

So putting the ball in the fairway and being patient, yeah, that was pretty much it.

Q. Guys aren't going too low today. Does the course fit your eye? What is it about this course?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: Yeah, I think it requires you think really well, and because guys don't go super low here it kind of entices me a little bit because you think your way around more and pars are good scores a lot of times. So that appeals to me a lot.

And, yeah, it's been fun. Been here last two year, three years, and last two years I played pretty well. Hopefully more and more.

Q. Looks like you'll only be a few back heading into tomorrow. What's your mindset heading in the final round?
MACKENZIE HUGHES: Yeah, really the same thing. I can only control and I'm doing, and so I'll try and do the same things I did today. Good or bad result, I'll just hopefully hang my head on the fact that I've done the things I can do well, and, yeah, see what happens.

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