05-21-2019 Pre-Tournament Remarks from Ryan Palmer

Pre-Tournament Remarks from Ryan Palmer

JOHN BUSH: We have Ryan Palmer with us. First of all, let's talk about this week, a tournament that is very important to you. I know as a Colonial Country Club member, just talk about being back here for the Charles Schwab Challenge.

RYAN PALMER: It always is a special week. It's hard at times because the pressure I put on myself and you want to play so well, and so many of my friends and family are here at Colonial Country Club. James and I both play regularly -- I guess this is our fifth major. But to have my name on that wall, I can't imagine to tell what you it would feel like and mean. Always a special week. Very meaningful week. This is my dad's favorite tournament to come to every year with his buddies, and obviously the last three years has been -- hopefully one day we can look up at him being the last man standing.

JOHN BUSH: In terms of the Brighter Smiles Initiative that was here with the Ryan Palmer Foundation, pretty cool event to meet the Bright family.

RYAN PALMER: I followed their story throughout, when Dr. Wade (ph) brings the cases that he sees fitting to work on, and when my wife Jennifer and I read their story, it just hits you in the gut and you feel for them.

And what they do, bringing in kids in their home and giving them a life and we're able to come in and put a smile on their face and boost their self-esteem and give them somebody that they are happy to look at in the mirror, that speaks volumes, and to be able to do that, you know, just puts a smile on my face for sure.

With Jennifer's background in dentistry and the doctor here in Dallas/Fort Worth that I grew up with, a close, personal friend he's able to provide the care for these kids. Seeing them, their before pictures and now what they look like with their smiles, it's overwhelming.

Q. The Foundation itself is a bit unique in terms of dental work. We don't see foundations often like that. What led you to for that purpose?
RYAN PALMER: We started back in 2003 but we kind of stalled and wanted to do something different with. My wife, Jennifer, she's a non-practicing dentist, let's just say. She keeps her license. So just something we wanted to do. Just a matter of giving kids the opportunity to boost their receive he team.

We read stories of kids wearing hoodies to school and being embarrassed and being made fun of and bullied and now they are popular and beautiful.

With her background in dentistry it was an easy avenue to go down so it's been awesome.

Q. What do you envision for its future? 
RYAN PALMER: Really just keep helping more and more kids. I think Jennifer one day would like to get involved and do some practice herself on some of these kids. Main thing just giving more and more kids the opportunity that they wouldn't have before, as far as getting dental work done. We can go in and do a lot of things with different areas but for me, having that immediate impact with dentistry and kids and their teeth, you boost these kids's self-esteems and it gives them a better way of life.

Q. How is the condition of the golf course out there? Obviously it's been a real wet spring?
RYAN PALMER: It's good. It's what I expected. It is soft every year, this time of year. You know, the storms, the day storms pop up and you get the humidity and we're going to have another soft Colonial it looks like, but I think the wind is going to pick up which is going to make the golf course play like it should. If we can get the wind to pick up 15 to 20, the course will show its teeth for sure. It's not a long golf course, but you need wind for a defense.

I think it's going to be great. It's in perfect condition, that's for sure.

Q. How do you feel about your game coming in?
RYAN PALMER: It's good. Last week, Bethpage, as hard as it could be, when you play bad golf on it, it looks bad. I love where my game is at. Still living off New Orleans, what Jon and I did there.

Nelson, I didn't play as good but I was able to get it around the golf course. I'm excited for this week. I've got a couple days to get some really good work in with Randy Smith, and we're going to be ready.

Q. I'm sure it's easier said than done, but the pressure of being a member and knowing the course as well as anyone, is it easier said than done and how hard is it to approach it knowing it's your home course?
RYAN PALMER: For me it's getting out there, like Randy was telling me, just go out there and smile, talk, sign more autographs, don't take it so serious. It's a course you want to play good on in front of everybody. I have to take it easy on myself and just enjoy more, not expect too much and I think we'll have some good weeks. Like I said, my game is in good shape. Just a matter of kind of getting over myself mentally and not being so uptight and so hard on myself knowing it is Colonial. If I can do that, I think we'll have a great week.

Q. How encouraging was Zurich for you?
RYAN PALMER: It was huge. You get a win, you get the year and two more years' exemption, but just solidifying all the work I've been doing, and nine years of not winning, you wonder if you're ever going to win again. It was a special moment, having my son there to finally get to see me win and having Jenn be there, she's been there every step of the way. It was a special, special day.

Q. Out of curiosity, how are you and Jon buddies?
RYAN PALMER: We met in 2015. Played together in Phoenix. He was still in college. We were in the final group and then played a few more rounds together on Tour, and I had him at my charity event last year and got to know him a little bit through that. He's an unbelievable guy off the golf course. On the golf course, too. But I've known Adam, his caddie since we've been out on Tour. I texted Adam what he thought when Jordan wasn't playing and he was the first guy I texted. What a combination we made.